New capabilities allow for a mass marketable Polymer-to-Ceramic™ brake rotor product

September 14, 2011 – Schenectady, NY – Starfire® Systems, Inc. (, a leader in the field of Polymer-to-Ceramic technology, announced today the commercialization of a mass marketable Polymer-to-Ceramic™ brake rotor technology. Building on the success of our premium grade StarPCS™ SMP-10 Polymer-to-Ceramic™ rotor technology, we have successfully completed development of a lower cost, Polyramic® based carbon-ceramic brake rotor technology to compete in the mass market brake rotor business.

“We have made great strides reformulating our Polymer-to-Ceramic brake rotor technology to meet the needs of a broader range of customers and end markets,” explained David Devor, CEO of Starfire® Systems. “We look forward to bringing even more products to general commercial availability as we continue to grow our robust technologies.”

The commercial launch of Starfire’s brake rotor product follows a comprehensive research and development process, including the successful validation of comparable technical capability with extremely positive results. It is through these advancements, and with performance equivalent to the initial STARBlade® product introduced in 2006, a new, commercially viable product has been developed which will excite the marketplace.

Within all segments of Starfire’s business, including aerospace, Department of Defense, electronic, motorcycle, automobile, and the industrial friction market, our ongoing technology-to-commercialization initiatives continue to take shape, as products continue to be improved to meet ever evolving mass market demand for polymer to ceramic technology.

About Starfire® Systems, Inc.

Starfire® Systems, a leader in the field of Polymer-to-Ceramic™ technology, engineers advanced materials for customers in need of low cost, environmentally friendly ceramic components. Their patented processes result in lightweight, durable ceramic products that offer powerful resistance to the heat that is generated in today’s complex technologies. Think of the spacecraft that explore our vast solar system. Imagine the compact microchips that are making our cell phones faster and smaller. As technology expands our world, the possibilities grow evermore fascinating, and Starfire® Systems provides the strength and protection to make it possible.

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