Schenectady, NY – Starfire® Systems employee, Dr. Qionghua Shen, received notification that he was awarded US patent no. 7,714,092 along with a copy of the published document including the official seal of the Patent and Trademark Office.

This patent provides protection on composition of matters for a series of polycarbosilane precursors, part of Starfire’s core carbosilane based pre-ceramic polymers. The newly invented polymers, prepared using Starfire’s unique chemistry, can be tailored to be a low viscosity liquid or a hard solid at room temperature.

The Shen patent is a key element of Starfire’s business plan to maintain technological leadership in Polymer-to-Ceramic™ technology. The newly protected materials significantly expand Starfire’s product offerings allowing us to address countless new applications in new and traditional markets.

Starfire has established a reputation in various industries for their family of high temperature capable polymers that can be used as polymeric or ceramic matrix materials in advanced composites. These polymers provide customers with an alternative manufacturing technology to provide materials solutions that cannot be met via conventional materials systems.

This patent also continues Starfire’s tradition and current business model of developing advanced materials that use low cost and conventional component processing and fabrication equipment and methods.