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Future complex semiconductor designs are leveraging low-k technology and may use several low-k films in their devices.  There are a couple of approaches to lowering the dielectric constant of a film. One is through chemical modifications of the materials by introducing SIC or SIOC into the molecular structure. Their atoms alter the electrical and physical properties of the material, lowering the dielectric constant of the final film. Another approach is to incorporate porosity into the dielectric matrix. Both can be accomplished using Starfire Systems specialty silanes.

SSI has developed a broad range of specialty silane compounds which are used as CVD precursors and spin coat liquid polymers that are used for semiconductor dielectric coatings.  Our specialty silanes form SIC or SIOC coatings that are unique to the industry. The Starfire Systems precursors cyclic structure is key for a robust mechanical strength which is critical for the thin film application.  Our molecules are an excellent source for both SIC and SIOC for the deposition of superior low dielectric constant-high strength films.