Specialty Silanes

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Starfire® Systems offers both CVD precursors and a selection of fine chemicals.

CVD Precursors

Starfire® Systems offers compounds for chemical vapor deposition of SiC and related materials for coatings or infiltration. Our patented precursors are specifically developed to simplify coating and densification processes.

We manufacture fine chemical intermediates based on our expertise in polycarbosilanes and silicon chemistry.


  • Coatings of SiC or SiOC for electronic applications
  • Infiltration of fiber preforms
  • Sealing of surface pores and cracks
  • Aerospace, industrial, nuclear


  • Gram to multi-kilogram quantities
  • Short lead times
  • Low impact on environment
  • Decrease energy required for infiltration
  • No corrosive byproducts
  • Delivered by bubbler or vapor draw
  • Fine Chemicals
  • Single-source, volatile precursors with near-zero residue
  • No solvents present in deposition chamber
  • Non-halide, no acid effluent
  • Convenient deposition temperature range (825-950°C)
  • Suitable for APCVD or low pressure CVD
  • Easily delivered by remote vaporization, bubbler or vapor-draw
  • FactStage modeling of deposition kinetics
  • Glass bottle, carbon steel or semiconductor-grade 316 stainless reservoirs/bubblers available

Fine Chemicals

Starfire® Systems is able to produce fine chemicals at a much higher yield by utilizing our unique synthetic processing methods.

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