New SiC forming polymers and pre-ceramic resin molding compounds introduced.

August 15th, 2012 – Schenectady, NY – Starfire is pleased to announce the release of two new poly-carbosilane polymers, SMP-500 and SMP-800, both valued additions to the family of SiC forming pre-ceramic polymers. “These two polymers build on the proprietary chemical process Starfire uses to create its flagship product SMP-10, and offer customers additional processing options for their high temperature needs,” said Howard Shen, Starfire’s Chief Scientist and original creator of SMP-10 and the Starfire polyramic product line.

Starfire is also happy to announce it has developed two new carbon fiber bulk molding compounds (BMCs)-SBMC-900 and SBMC-998-based on its proprietary poly-carbosilane resins. “These BMCs’ properties are excellent for a chopped carbon fiber construction and offer non-catastrophic failures under loads. The SBMC-900 and SBMC-998 carbosilane BMCs offer customers the ability to mold net and near net shaped ceramic composite parts, and make large volume carbon-silicon carbide composite manufacture possible,” commented Darren Welson, Director of Technology for Starfire.

In response to industry demand, Starfire developed SMP-500 and SMP-800 to offer additional fabrication options including prepregg capability. Starfire expects these resins and BMC’s to find their place in numerous markets and in various high temperature applications within the chemical processing world due to their resistance to aggressive environments, and use as general structural thermal insulators.

“Starfire is committed to driving Polymer Derived Ceramic (PDC) technology and maintaining its place as a leader in the world of high temperature ceramics,” stated David Devor, Starfire’s CEO. “These new materials offer the marketplace some of the most exciting advancements since the commercialization of SMP-10.”

About Starfire Systems, Inc.

Starfire® Systems, a leader in the field of Polymer-to-Ceramic™ technology, engineers advanced materials for customers in need of low cost, environmentally friendly, ceramic components. Their patented processes result in lightweight, durable polymer derived ceramic (PDC) products that offer powerful resistance to the heat that is generated in today’s complex technologies, and which utilize manufacturing techniques found to be very versatile compared to the alternatives. With applications for a variety of market sectors, ranging from aerospace and armor, to friction materials and electronics, Starfire materials provide the strength and protection necessary to expand today’s technologies in new directions.

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