January 21, 2020 – Schenectady, NY – Starfire Systems is pleased to announce the release of a new poly-carbosilane polymer system. SMP-750 is a valued addition to the family of SiC forming pre-ceramic polymers. This new system will build on the proprietary chemical process Starfire Systems uses to create its flagship product SMP-10 and will offer customers additional processing options for their high temperature requirements.

SMP-750 is a hot-meltable poly-carbosilane precursor that transforms into thermally stable silicon carbide (SiC).  SMP-750 is very viscous at room temperature but flows at moderate temperatures (>100°C) and cures at or above 200°C to form a thermoset solid.  Cured SMP-750 can be fired in an inert environment to form an amorphous SiC at temperatures up to 1200°C.  Conversion to a crystalline and nearly Stoichiometric SiC can take place at temperatures above 1450°C.

A film can be produced from SMP-750 and can be used to produce fabric impregnated cloth (pre-preg) for composite fabrication.  Additional fillers are not recommended to be added to SMP-750.

 “Starfire is committed to driving Polymer Derived Ceramic (PDC) technology and maintaining its place as a leader in the world of advanced ceramics,” stated David Devor, Starfire’s CEO. “SMP-750 is one of several new complementary products scheduled for release in 2020 specifically designed to improved manufacturability of parts and their performance”.

About Starfire Systems:

Starfire Systems, Inc (SSI) is a specialty material company focused on Polymer Derived Ceramics (PDC) and its Polymer-to-Ceramic TM technology. SSI’s core business is synthesis of silicon-based pre-ceramic polymers and SOL-GEL derived oxide forming materials which are used in polymer matrix composites, oxide and SIC based ceramic matrix composite (CMC) fabrication. SSI’s high temperature materials are useful in a variety of applications where durable, lightweight and high temperature complex shaped CMC’s are required.  In addition, SSI has developed a broad range of specialty silane compounds which are used as CVD precursors in semiconductor dielectric coatings, matrix densification and high purity intermediates for synthesizing pharmaceuticals.


For more information, please contact info@starfiresystems.comics (PDC)